who creates intuitive abstract paintings


GERMANY-based artist

Silvia Hollweg creates abstract paintings inspired by emotions, the nature and the world around her.

Her work is often described as dreamlike or ethereal: it evokes emotions so that the viewer that can transport him/herself into another universe… to for example the underwater word or to get though her painting a spacial perspective of the world. Her inspiration comes in many forms: from the beautiful landscape from her native country Venezuela or from the many places around the world where she lived and traveled. 

Or simply from a memory or feeling that comes to her mind… In her work, she recognizes profound connections to nature and aereal space images, and she combines organic shapes, lines and textures with the color palette of nature, which invites reflection. Silvia is a German artist born in Caracas (Venezuela) and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and has participated at different art exhibitions all over the globe.

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